Mango Smoothie (芒果冰沙) – Song-Cho Soup Maker (松厨浓汤机)

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Let’s make some Mango Smoothie using SONG-CHO’s Soup Maker today. 🙂

Ingredients (serves 2-3):

  • Mango – 3 pieces (approx. 400g)
  • Ice cubes – 2 trays
  • Water – up till the 1300ml mark



  1. Peel the mango, remove the seed and cut into small cubes
  2. Remove the soup maker lid
  3. Pour the cut mangoes into the soup maker
  4. Pour the ice cubes into the soup maker
  5. Pour water till it reaches the 1300ml mark (indicated inside the soup maker)
  6. Close the lid (make sure that it is closed properly; the top handle portion is aligned to the body handle)
  7. Plug in power
  8. Press MENU button till it reaches FRUIT/VEGETABLE JUICE
  9. Press START button
  10. After 4 minutes, there will be a beep sound and the FRUIT/VEGETABLE JUICE light will blink when the process is completed
  11. Unplug the power, open the lid, and pour it into the plastic jar provided (and into a serving glass/cup)
  12. Add honey to taste, if desired – I prefer none, taste as good 🙂


  • Wash it only when it cools down.
  • DO NOT immerse the Soup Maker in water. AVOID washing the bottom portion with water. Just focus on washing the inner part (and the upper blade portion) of the soup maker, you can clean the exterior by wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • If you want to use the Soup Maker continuously, give it a 30-minute break time before using it again.

You can enjoy a cold smoothie in just 4 minutes! Simple as that! You can swap the fruit to something seasonal or whatever fruit you have left over at home (just remove the seeds and cut into small cubes).

Enjoy 🙂



材料 (二至三人份):

  • 芒果 – 3颗(大约400克)
  • 冰 –  适量(大约2个冰盘)
  • 水 – 适量(至1300ML)



  1. 芒果去皮,去种籽,切成小丁块
  2. 打开浓汤机盖子
  3. 把芒果块加入桶内
  4. 再把冰块加入桶内
  5. 加清水至桶上的水位刻度线1300ml
  6. 关上盖子(注:手柄部位一定要与桶身的手柄对齐)
  7. 插上电源
  8. 按MENU(功能), 选择FRUIT/VEGETABLE水JUICE (果汁/蔬菜汁)按钮
  9. 按START(开始)按钮
  10. 打冰沙过程完成后(约4分钟),浓汤机会发出哔哔声
  11. 关掉电插, 打开盖子, 将冰沙倒入塑胶容器内
  12. (可随各人喜好加入蜂蜜 — 无需加也好喝,也比较健康) 🙂



  • 等浓汤机冷却后才清洗
  • 不可将浓汤机沉浸在水里或冲洗机身底部, 只需清洗桶内即可;外层只需用湿布抹干净
  • 如果想要继续使用浓汤机,让它休息30分钟才继续使用

简简单单在4分钟内就可制作消暑的冰沙。也可根据季节或剩下吃不完的水果变化出不同的口味。龙珠果冰沙也很美味健康哦! 🙂


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