Bean Sprout with Squid Stir-Fry (豆芽炒鱿鱼) – Song-Cho Optimal Wok (松厨OPTIMAL万用锅)

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A quick beansprout and squid stir-fry using Song-Cho multi-ply stainless steel Optimal Wok!

Serves 4


  • Bean Sprout 250g (washed & root removed)
  • Soaked Dried Squid ½ pc (washed and sliced)
  • Spring Onion 1 stalk (washed and cut into sections)
  • Garlic 2 cloves (minced)
  • Chicken Powder ½ tsp
  • Salt a little to taste

*You may make changes to the ingredients and/or adjust the quantity according to personal preference.


  1. Add oil into Optimal Wok before it gets heated up; add minced garlic, squid and bean sprout when the wok gets heated up, pan-fry till cooked.
  2. Add chicken powder and mix well followed by a little salt.
  3. Mix well and it is ready to be served.





  • 豆芽 约250克 (洗净, 摘掉根部)
  • 浸泡好的鱿鱼干 半只 (洗净, 切条状)
  • 青葱 1根 (洗净, 切段)
  • 蒜蓉 2瓣
  • 鸡精粉 半茶匙
  • 盐 少许

*可随个人喜好, 调整材料和用量


  1. 冷锅下油, 待锅热时将蒜蓉, 鱿鱼干和豆芽放入锅里炒至熟透.
  2. 加入鸡精粉翻炒均匀然后加入盐调味.
  3. 翻炒均匀后即可起锅享用.

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