White Fungus Dessert (白木耳甜汤) – Song-Cho Electric Thermal Cooker SC-ETC60 (松厨微电加热式焖烧锅)

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Song-Cho Electric Thermal Cooker (SC-ETC60) allows a constant 90 degrees temperature, great for keeping food warm!

Serves 4


  • White Fungus 2 pieces (washed & cut into small pieces)
  • Wolfberries 10g (washed)
  • Red Dates 10 small pieces (washed)
  • American Ginseng 5 pieces
  • Rock Sugar 100g
  • Water 2L


  1. Add all ingredients (except rock sugar) into the stainless steel pot provided.
  2. Close the lid and cook over the stove till boiled and let it continue to cook for another 15 minutes in medium heat.
  3. Off the stove and place the pot into the Electric Thermal Cooker.
  4. Switch on the power and leave it for 2 hours.
  5. Add rock sugar last, stir till dissolved and the soup is ready to be served (you may leave the switch on or off thereafter).





  • 白木耳2朵 (洗净, 剪成小块)
  • 枸杞10克 (洗净)
  • 红枣10小颗 (洗净)
  • 冰糖100克
  • 泡参 5片
  • 清水 1.5公升


  1. 将所有材料(除了冰糖)倒入所提供的不锈钢锅
  2. 关盖, 放上火炉上煮至沸腾然后再收中火继续煮约15分钟
  3. 熄火把锅子移到微电加热式焖烧锅内
  4. 开电源, 让它焖2小时
  5. 最后, 加入冰糖搅拌至溶解, 盛入碗中即可趁热享用 (你可选择继续插电或关掉电源)

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