Bubur Terigu (大麦粥) – Song-Cho Electric Pressure Cooker SC-EP5 (松厨电压力锅)

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Simple and satisfying Bubur Terigu dessert using Song-Cho Electric Pressure Cooker (SC-EP5)!

Serves 4 – 6


  • White Wheat 200g (washed)
  • Pandan Leaves 2 pcs (washed)
  • Brown Sugar 140g
  • Water 2L
  • Coconut milk (optional) a little

*May adjust sweetness according to personal preference


  1. Pour all ingredients (except sugar) into the inner pot.
  2. Close the lid and ensure the pressure cooker is properly locked and that the exhaust valve is placed properly (leveled, not tilted) and faces towards the control panel direction (important: otherwise pressure will not be formed sufficiently to cook the dish successfully).
  3. On the power, press “Beans/tendons” function (default/programmed cooking time is 40 minutes AFTER sufficient pressure is formed).
  4. When it is done, the control panel will indicate “bb” text and it goes into a keep warm stage. Press “Cancel” button and turn off the power. *This is an important step to ensure the pressure is released faster.
  5. When the indicator drops (IMPORTANT), it is ready. Open the lid, remove the pandan leaves, add sugar and stir till sugar dissolves. Drizzle some coconut milk (optional) and serve hot.



4 – 6人份


  • 大麦 200克 (洗净)
  • 班兰叶 2把 (洗净)
  • 冰片糖 140克
  • 清水 2公升
  • 椰浆少许 (可不加)



  1. 将所有材料(除了片糖)倒入内锅.
  2. 盖上锅盖, 确认盖子已锁好, 排气阀戴正面对控制面板方向 (重要: 否则将无法形成足够的压力来顺利完成菜肴).
  3. 开电源, 按 “Beans/tendons” (豆类/筋) 功能 (默认烹煮时间在气压饱和后为40分钟)
  4. 烹煮程序完成后, 显示板会出现 “bb” 字样, 此时按 “Cancel” (取消) 键, 关掉电源. *这是个重要的步骤能使压力比较快减低.
  5. 5) 当指示阀下降后 (重要), 打开锅盖把班兰叶取出, 加入片糖搅拌至溶解, 盛入碗中淋上少许椰浆即可趁热享用.

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