Strawberry Jam (草莓果酱) – Bread Maker SC-BK06A (松厨面包机)

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Use SONG-CHO BREAD MAKER to make own fruit jam (recipe based on manual).


  • Strawberry 400g (washed and cut into small pieces)
  • Sugar 250g
  • Pectin Powder 30g
  • Lemon Juice 2 tbsp


  1. Place the mixing blade into the empty bread barrel.
  2. Pour the ingredients into the bread barrel.
  3. Place the bread barrel into the Bread Maker and fix it by turning it at a clockwise direction (ensure it is properly fixed).
  4. Close the cover and on the power.
  5. Press MENU button till 12 (Jam), press START button. Takes 1 hour 20 minutes to complete the entire process.
  6. Open the lid and stir the ingredients manually at times to aid the process.
  7. Open the lid when it is done. Using the hook provided, bring the barrel holder up (careful, it’s hot!). Hold the holder using a cloth or mitten, remove the barrel by twisting it at an anti-clockwise direction. Pour the jam into a container and let it cool completely before storing it.

*The result of the jam is of pulp-like texture.

Cleaning the BREAD MAKER

Just need to wash the bread barrel and mixing blade with mild detergent and non-abrasive sponge. For the Bread Maker itself, use a damp cloth to wipe the interior and exterior of the machine and leave it to dry. All cleaning/washing should be done only when the Bread Maker has cool down.


利用松厨面包机自制果酱 (食谱依据手册制作).


  • 草莓 400克 (洗净切小块)
  • 白糖 250克
  • 果胶粉 30克
  • 柠檬汁 2汤匙


  1. 将面包桶内的叶片安装好.
  2. 将材料放入面包桶中.
  3. 将面包桶顺时钟安装在面包机内 (注: 确认桶要装好).
  4. 盖上机盖, 插上电源.
  5. 按 MENU键至12号 (JAM), 按 START键, 面包机开始操作 (需1小时20分钟).
  6. 偶尔开盖自行搅拌一下
  7. 程序完成后, 打开盖子. 利用钩子将面包桶的手柄拉上 (小心烫), 再利用抹布将面包桶逆时钟取出. 把果酱倒入罐子内, 待冷却后才储存好.

*果酱成品会有果肉, 不会完全打烂.



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