Steam Fish & Radish Squid Soup Combo (2合1蒸鱼和白萝卜鱿鱼汤) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FD18F2 (松厨电饭锅 SC-FD18F2)

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Cook a dish and a soup at one go with Song-Cho Rice Cooker (SC-FD18F2)!

Serves 4

Ingredients (Steam Fish):

  • Perch 300g (wash & pat dry)
  • Ginger a little  (cut into think strips)
  • Chilli a little (cut into thin strips)
  • Fermented black beans a little (finely chopped)
  • Oil 1 tsp

Ingredients (Radish Squid Soup):

  • Radish 1 pcs (remove skin & cut into chunks)
  • Squid 2 pcs (soak for a while & cut into strips)
  • Chicken drumsticks 4 pcs (wash)
  • Dates 8 pcs (wash)
  • Water 1.7L
  • Salt a little to taste
  • Chicken powder a little to taste


  1.  Add all of the soup ingredients into SC-FD18F2 rice cooker (except the seasoning).
  2.  Close the lid and press MENU to SOUP, press START (hold for 2 seconds).
  3.  While the soup is cooking, prepare the fish.
  4.  Sprinkle black beans, ginger strips, chilli strips onto the fish (skin face down) and drizzle some oil.
  5.  About 20 minutes into cooking the soup, open the lid, place a steamer onto the inner pot.
  6.  Place the plated fish onto the steamer and close the lid, continue to let it cook till program completes.
  7.  Remove the fish and steamer, season the soup with salt and chicken powder. Enjoy the dishes while they are hot.




材料 (蒸鱼):

  • 金目鲈 300克 (洗净抹干)
  • 姜丝少许
  • 辣椒丝少许
  • 豆鼓少许 (剁碎)
  • 油1茶匙

材料 (白萝卜鱿鱼汤):

  • 白萝卜1条 (去皮切块)
  • 鱿鱼2条 (稍微浸泡后切片)
  • 鸡腿4个 (洗净)
  • 红枣8粒 (洗净)
  • 清水1.7公升
  • 盐少许
  • 鸡精粉少许


  1.  将所有汤品材料倒入SC-FD18F2电饭锅内 (除了调味料)
  2.  关盖, 按MENU 键至SOUP功能, 按 START 键 (久按2秒).
  3.  当汤在煮时准备鱼.
  4.  撒豆鼓, 姜丝和辣椒丝在鱼上(鱼皮朝下), 另外淋上少许油即可
  5.  约20分钟后, 打开盖, 放入蒸笼
  6.  放入摆盘好的鱼, 关盖, 让它继续烹煮直到程序完成
  7.  完成后把蒸鱼和蒸笼取出, 在汤内加入盐和鸡精粉调味即可趁热享用.

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