Plain White Bread (白面包) – New Bread Maker SC-BK06A (松厨SCBK06A面包机)

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Use new SONG-CHO BREAD MAKER, SCBK06A to make this plain bread (recipe based on manual).

Ingredient (2LB, 900g) :

  • Water 330ml
  • Butter 36g
  • Salt 1½ tsp (10g)
  • Sugar 3 tbsp (36g)
  • Bread Flour 560g
  • Yeast 1 ½ tsp (4.5g)

Steps (dough) :

  1.  Place the mixing blade into the empty bread barrel.
  2.  Pour the ingredients into the bread barrel in sequence (important).
    Water >> Butter >> Salt >> Sugar >> Bread Flour >> Yeast (yeast to be poured on top of the dry flour and must not come into contact with salt).
  3.  Place the bread barrel into the Bread Maker and fix it by turning it at a clockwise direction (ensure it is properly fixed).
  4.  Close the cover and on the power.
  5.  Press (and hold for 2 sec) START/STOP button (need not press MENU as Basic bread is no. 1 on the menu). It takes 3 hours to complete the entire process.
  6.  Open the lid when it is done. Using mittens, bring the barrel holder up (careful, it’s hot!). Hold the holder using a cloth or mitten, remove the barrel by twisting it at an anti-clockwise direction. While the bread is still hot, remove it from the barrel by holding the barrel upside down using a cloth or mitten and shaking it (do not use sharp object to try to get it out). If the bread sits inside the barrel for too long, it may wrinkle and affects the texture.
  7.  You may choose to brush it with butter to have a nice outer sheer. Slice the bread once it has cooled down and enjoy the fresh bake.

Note: if the mixing blade is stuck into the bread, remove it before cutting the bread.

* Cleaning the BREAD MAKER
Just need to wash the bread barrel and mixing blade with mild detergent and non-abrasive sponge. For the Bread Maker itself, use a damp cloth to wipe the interior and exterior of the machine and leave it to dry. All cleaning/washing should be done only when the Bread Maker has cool down.


利用新型松厨面包机, SC-BK06A制作基本款白面包 (食谱依据手册制作).

材料 (2.0LB,约900)

  • 清水 330毫升
  • 牛油 36克
  • 盐 1 ½ 茶匙
  • 白糖 3汤匙
  • 高筋面粉 (面包面粉) 560克
  • 酵母 1 ½ 茶匙

做法 (面团) :

  1.  将面包桶内的叶片安装好
  2.  将材料顺序放入面包桶中 (注: 次序很重要)
    清水>> 牛油 >> >> >> 面包粉 >> 酵母 (要将酵母放置在干的面包粉上, 不可与盐接触)
  3.  将面包桶顺时钟安装在面包机内 (注: 确认桶要装好)
  4.  盖上机盖, 插上电源
  5.  按 (久按2秒) ON/OFF键即可 (BASIC 普通白面包是一号所以不必按菜单键), 面包机开始操作 (需3小时)
  6.  程序完成后, 打开盖子. 利用护手套或厚布将面包桶的手柄拉上 (小心烫), 再利用抹布将面包桶逆时钟取出. 在面包还热时从桶内取出 (用摇晃方式, 不要用利器或其他物件将它挖出). 如果把面包置放在面包机内太久, 面包很容易呈现皱纹, 影响口感.
  7.  如喜欢, 可在面包表层涂抹牛油, 即好看又美味. 待面包冷却后切片享用 .



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