NUTRI-HEALTHY COOKING 养生膳食 – Millet Kombu Dessert (昆布小米绿豆汤) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FCM58 (松厨电饭锅 SC-FCM58)

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Make a dessert, Millet Kombu using Song-Cho SC-FCM58 Rice Cooker, yummy and healthy! Let Ms Vinitha Ang of NutriHub show you how!

Serves 4-6


  • Mung Bean 60g (wash & soak overnight; drained & rinsed. Optional to sprout it for 4 to 6 hours before cooking)
  • Millet 40g (rinse clean in a sieve)
  • Dried Kombu (seaweed) 6 inches long (cut it into thin strips, soak for 30 minutes, drained & rinsed)
  • Pandan leaf 3 to 4 leaves (wash & cut / tie knot)
  • Water 1.5 litres
  • Molasses Sugar 4 tbsp
  • Rock salt / Sea salt 1 pinch
  • Sweet Potato 300g (wash & peel skin, cut into medium cubes & rinsed)


  1.  Add 1.5 litres water, Mung bean, Millet, Kombu & pandan leaves into SC-FCM58 rice cooker, press MENU to select SOUP function, press START and cook for 30 minutes.
  2.  After 30 minutes, place the stainless steel steamer with sweet potato into the rice cooker and let it steam for 15-20 minutes (depending on the size of the potato) till the sweet potato is soft.
  3.  After it is cooked, remove the pandan leaves and add molasses sugar & rock salt, mix well, add sweet potato before serving.





  • 绿豆 60克 (洗净, 浸泡隔夜, 沥干水分后再清洗一次; 也可浸泡4到6小时至发芽)
  • 小米 40克 (放入筛子中清洗干净)
  • 干昆布 6吋长 (剪细条状, 浸泡30分钟, 沥干水分后清洗)
  • 香兰叶 3到4片 (洗净, 切/打个结)
  • 清水1.5公升
  • 糖蜜4汤匙
  • 岩盐或海盐 少许
  • 番薯 300克 (洗净去皮, 切小块用水冲一冲)


  1.  把 1.5公升清水, 绿豆, 小米, 昆布和香兰叶倒入SC-FCM58电饭锅内, 按MENU键至SOUP 功能, 按START键, 让它煮30分钟
  2.  30分钟后, 开盖放入铺了番薯块(看大小)的不锈钢蒸盘蒸约15至20分钟或到软
  3.  煮好后, 把香兰叶取出, 加入糖蜜和岩盐, 拌匀盛入碗中放入蒸好的番薯块即可享用

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