SONG-COOKING 轻松厨房: Pork Belly/Kong Bak (古早味扣肉) – Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker (松厨魔法气压锅)

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Use Song-Cho Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker to braised the popular Kong Bak in minutes!

Serves 6


  • Pork Belly 3kg (wash & cut into thicker slice)
  • Coriander Root 2 pcs


  • Dark Soy Sauce 150ml
  • Oyster Sauce 100ml
  • White Sugar 50g
  • Clove 4pcs
  • Star Anise 1pc
  • Cinnamon Stick 1pc
  • Five Spice Powder a little to taste
  • Coriander Powder a little to taste


  1.  Marinate the pork belly in the marinate overnight.
  2.  Add the marinated pork belly and coriander roots into Magic Quick Cook; close/lock the lid, turn high heat till the balancing weight starts to sway.
  3.  After balancing weight starts to sway, reduce to low/medium heat and cook it for 8 minutes.
  4.  After 8 minutes, turn off the heat. Rest the pressure cooker till the pressure indicator drops (IMPT) before opening the lid.
  5.  Serve the pork belly in a bowl together with steam buns.

*Click here to view how to operate the Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker.


利用神速松厨魔法气压锅制作令人垂涎的扣肉, 只需几分钟时间! 难以抗拒的美味!



  • 三层肉 3公斤 (洗净切厚片)
  • 芫荽根2条


  • 酱油 150毫升
  • 蚝油 100毫升
  • 白糖 50克
  • 丁香 4粒
  • 八角 1粒
  • 桂皮 1条
  • 五香粉少许
  • 芫荽粉少许


  1.  将切好的三层肉用调味料腌隔夜
  2.  把腌好的三层肉和芫荽根放入魔法气压锅内; 盖/锁上气压锅盖, 开大火至配重头开始摇摆
  3.  当配重头开始摇摆时, 回中小火煮8分钟
  4.  8分钟后, 熄火; 待指示阀降下后 (注) 才开盖
  5.  取出三层肉盛入碗中, 配上蒸馒头一起享用



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