Chicken Chop Teriyaki (日式照烧酱鸡扒) – Song-Cho Ideal Wok (松厨IDEAL万用锅)

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Easy to make yummy Chicken Chop Teriyaki using Song-Cho Multiply Stainless Steel Ideal Wok! A star dish!

Serves 4


  • Chicken Chop/Thigh Meat (w/ skin) 2pcs (about 200g each)


  • Light Soy Sauce 3 tbsp
  • Mirin 3 tbsp
  • Japanese Cooking Wine 2 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Ginger Juice ¾ tbsp

*You may make changes to the ingredients and/or adjust the quantity according to personal preference.


  1. Place Ideal wok on stove, turn on high heat. Test the hotness level of the wok by sprinkling a few drops of water and if it “runs” around quickly (see video clip), the wok is hot enough.
  2. Place the chicken chop skin down, turn to medium/low heat and cover with lid.
  3. When the chicken chop turns pale and more oil/liquid starts oozing out, flip the chicken over.
  4. Pan-fry the chicken chop till cooked, remove from wok and set aside.
  5. With the remaining oil from the chicken chop, add in all the seasoning and cooked till the sugar dissolved.
  6. Put the cooked chicken chop back into the wok and coat it with the sauce.
  7. Off heat, remove the chicken chop and plate it.
  8. Alternatively, you may slice the pan-fried chicken chop and drizzle the cooked sauce over it.





  • 鸡扒/腿肉 (带皮) 2块 (一块约200克)


  • 酱青 3汤匙
  • 味琳 3汤匙
  • 日本清酒 2汤匙
  • 白糖 1汤匙
  • 姜汁 ¾ 汤匙

*可随个人喜好, 调整材料和用量


  1. 把Ideal平底锅放在炉上, 开大火。要测试锅是否够热, 撒些水在锅内, 如果水珠迅速 “跑动” (请看视频), 这就表示锅子已够热
  2. 把鸡扒 (皮朝下) 放入锅内, 回中/小火, 盖上锅盖
  3. 当鸡扒转为淡色, 越来越多油汁流出时就可将鸡扒翻过来
  4. 把它煎熟取出待用
  5. 锅内的鸡油留着, 加入所有的调味料, 煮到糖溶解为止
  6. 把鸡扒再次放入锅内, 与酱汁拌匀
  7. 熄火, 把鸡扒取出, 摆盘即可趁热享用
  8. 你也可以将煎好的鸡扒切块, 然后淋上煮好的酱汁

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