Teochew Porridge/Meat Ball Century Egg Porridge (潮州粥/肉丸皮蛋粥) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FCM58 (松厨电饭锅)

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Try using Song-Cho SC-FCM58 Rice Cooker to make Porridge! You can have either Teochew style or Cantonese version without the need to stand by the stove!

Serves 4-6


  • Rice 1½ *cups (washed & drained)
  • Water 12 *cups

Extra ingredients for Meat Ball Century Egg Porridge:

  • Minced Pork 150g (marinate with a bit of light soy sauce & pepper)
  • Century Egg 2pcs (cut into bite-size pieces)
  • Chicken Powder 1pc (optional)

*Use the measurement cup provided by the rice cooker. You may adjust the amount of water according to personal preference.


  1.  Add rice and water into SC-FCM58 rice cooker.
  2.  Press MENU till PORRIDGE, press START (it takes an hour but the porridge will be ready around 40-45 minutes).
  3.  After an hour, the Teochew style porridge is ready!
  4.  If you change your mind and decided to have Cantonese style instead like we did, press MENU till BABY PORRIDGE, add in minced pork and cooked it for approximately 15 minutes.
  5.  After 15 minutes, check the consistency of the porridge is to your liking, add cut century egg and drizzle a little sesame oil.
  6.  The Cantonese style porridge is ready!

*Press MENU till Baby Porridge and press START if you want Cantonese Style porridge, takes 2 hours. You may add in the minced pork at around 20 minutes before the time is up.





  • 米 1 ½ 杯 (洗净)
  • 清水 12杯


  • 猪肉碎 150克 (用少许酱青和白胡椒粉调味)
  • 皮蛋粒 2粒 (切小块)
  • 鸡精块 1 块 (可不加)


  1.  把米和水倒入SC-FCM58电饭锅不锈钢锅内
  2.  按MENU 键至PORRIDGE功能, 按 START 键 (需1小时, 粥约40-45分钟后就好了)
  3.  1小时后,潮州粥就可趁热享用啦!
  4.  如果心血来潮改变主意想换成广东粥, 可按MENU 键至BABY PORRIDGE功能, 按 START 键, 加入猪肉碎和鸡精块再煮个15分钟即可
  5.  15分钟后, 查看粥品的浓稠度是否满意, 加入皮蛋稍微拌匀即可享用

*如果要煮广式粥品, 直接按MENU 键至 Baby Porridge功能, 按 START即可, 需约2小时。可在最后约20分钟加入肉碎一起烹煮。


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