NONYA DELIGHT 娘惹新煮意: Dried Mee Siam (娘惹干炒米暹) – Song-Cho Multiply Stainless Steel IDEAL Wok (松厨多层不锈钢IDEAL万用锅)

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Let instructor Helen Lim of Kim Choo Kueh Chang demonstrates the spicy yummy Nonya Dried Mee Siam using SONG-CHO multiply stainless steel IDEAL Wok.

Serves 4

Ingredient A

  • Oil for frying
  • Dried Shrimp 80g (rinse & soak in water till soften; drain the water & coarsely pound the same; stir fry with some oil till crispy, set aside)
  • Bean Paste (Blended Tow Cheo) 30g
  • Roasted ground peanuts 25g
  • Palm Sugar (Blended) 100g
  • Tamarind Paste (Assam) 50g (mix with 200ml water)
  • Fresh Lime Juice 50ml
  • Oyster Sauce 1 tbsp

Ingredient B

  • Dried Red Chillies 25g (deseed, soak in hot water till soft)
  • Fresh Red Chillies 4 pcs
  • Garlic 4 cloves
  • Shallots 100g
  • Roasted Belachan 10g
  • Turmeric 5g

Ingredient C

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs 4 pcs (deshell & sliced)
  • Fresh Prawns 250g (boil the prawns & keep 200ml of the prawn stock. Deshell & devein the prawns)
  • Bean Curd (Tow Kwa) 4 pcs (cut into small cubes & deep fry till golden brown)
  • Rice Vermicelli 250g (soak in water till soft & drain)
  • Bean Sprouts 250g
  • Chinese Chives (Ku Chai) 50g (cut into 2cm long strips)


  1. Blend ingredient B to form fine paste.
  2. Add oil into IDEAL Wok before it gets heated up and stir-fry (1) till fragrant.
  3. Add remaining ingredient A and prawn stock to (2).
  4. Add in the rice vermicelli. Stir fry over medium heat for 10 minutes.
  5. Add in bean sprouts and chives and stir over high heat.
  6. Garnish with eggs, prawns and tow kwa. You may wish to serve with cut lime slices.


金珠肉粽林海伦老师示范如何利用松厨多层不锈钢IDEAL万用锅制作人气美食, 干炒米暹!


材料 A          

  • 油 – 备来炒食材
  • 虾米 80克 (冲洗, 浸泡至软, 沥干水分后剁成粗粒碎; 用油炒至酥脆捞起备用)
  • 豆酱 (搅匀) 30克
  • 花生碎 (烘烤) 25克
  • 椰糖 (搅匀) 100克
  • 罗望子水 (亚参水) 50克 (与200毫升清水混合)
  • 酸柑汁 50毫升
  • 蚝油 1汤匙

材料 B

  • 辣椒干 25克 (去籽, 浸泡热水至软)
  • 红辣椒 4支
  • 蒜头 4瓣
  • 小葱头 100克
  • 峇拉煎 (烘烤) 10克
  • 黄姜 5克

材料 C

  • 全熟鸡蛋 4粒 (去壳, 切片)
  • 鲜虾 250克 (煮虾, 取200毫升的虾上汤; 把虾去壳, 清肠)
  • 豆干 4 个 (切成小块, 炸至金黄色)
  • 米粉 250克 (浸泡至软, 沥干水分)
  • 豆芽 250克
  • 韭菜 50克 (切成2公分长)


  1. 材料B混合捣碎成糊状
  2. 冷锅下油, 加入辣椒糊 (1) 翻炒至香
  3. 材料A和虾上汤加入 (2) 炒香的辣椒糊
  4. 加入米粉, 中火炒匀约10分钟
  5. 加入豆芽和韭菜, 大火炒匀
  6. 捞起, 用鸡蛋, 虾, 豆干摆盘; 享用前可外加酸柑片

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