Pig’s Tail Black Bean Soup (猪尾黑豆汤) – Song-Cho Claypot Rice Cooker (松厨土锅电饭锅)

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SONG-CHO rice cooker can cook more than just rice. Try this simple Pig’s Tail Black Bean Soup recipe using the mini 0.6L Claypot Rice Cooker. Great for a rainy day. ☔️😊

Serves 2


  • Pig’s Tail 1 pc (chopped into sections)
  • Black Bean 80g (washed & drained)
  • Peanuts 80g (washed & drained)
  • Chicken Powder ½ pc
  • Water 800ml


1) Blanch the pig’s tail for 2-3 minutes, pour away the water (repeat) and finally rinse under running tap for a while.

2) Place the pig’s tail into the claypot rice cooker. Add peanuts, black beans, chicken powder and water into the rice cooker.

3) Close the lid, power on. Press MENU till SOUP and press START (takes 1½ hour).

4) When it is ready, scoop the soup & ingredients into a bowl (or use the claypot directly, careful it is hot) & serve hot.


松厨电饭锅不止能煮饭。试试利用松厨陶土电饭锅煮这道简单的猪尾黑豆汤, 很适合雨天享用呢! 🌧😊



  • 猪尾 1条
  • 黑豆 80克
  • 花生 80克
  • 鸡精粉 ½ 块
  • 清水 800毫升


1) 把猪尾用滚水烫2-3分钟, 把水倒掉 (重复), 然后用冷水稍微冲一冲。

2) 把猪尾, 花生, 黑豆, 鸡精粉一一放入土锅电饭锅内, 最后加入清水。

3) 盖上锅盖, 打开电源。按MENU键至SOUP, 按START键 (需1½ 小时)。

4) 汤煮好后, 盛入碗中趁热享用(或直接从陶土锅中享用, 小心烫)。


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