Longan Smoothie (龙眼冰沙) – Song-Cho Soup Maker (松厨浓汤机)

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Still have many cans of longan left from CNY? Make a simple and cooling Longan Smoothie using SONG-CHO SOUP MAKER, just 4 minutes! You will love it!

Serves 4 to 6


  • Longan 2 cans
  • Ice Cubes 2 small trays
  • Green Lemon 1 pc (optional, may use lime or yellow lemon)
  • Water (to fill up to 1300ml mark with ingredients)

*You may make changes to the ingredients and/or adjust the quantity according to personal preference.


  1. Separate longan from the syrup, freeze the longan overnight. Keep the syrup.
  2. Add the frozen longan, syrup, ice cubes into the SOUP MAKER.
  3. Add water up to 1300ml mark
  4. Press MENU till FRUIT/VEGETABLE JUICE function, press START (takes 4 minutes).
  5. When the SOUP MAKER beeps, off power and open the lid. Pour the smoothie into the jug provided.
  6. Add fresh lemon juice, stir well, pour into glass and enjoy!




  • 材料:
  • 龙眼 2罐头
  • 冰块 2小冰盘
  • 青柠檬 1粒 (可不加, 也可用酸柑或黄柠檬)
  • 清水 适量 (加至1300毫升水位刻度线即可)

*可随个人喜好, 调整材料和用量


  1. 把龙眼和糖浆分开,将龙眼放入冰柜冷藏隔夜,留住糖浆待用
  2. 把冰冻的龙眼, 糖浆, 冰块倒入浓汤机内
  3. 加清水至桶上的水位刻度线1300ml
  5. 浓汤机发出哔哔声响表示程序完成, 关电源开盖, 把冰沙倒入附赠的水罐内
  6. 加入青柠檬汁, 搅匀即可倒入杯中享用

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