Curry Fish Head (咖喱鱼头) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FCM58 (松厨电饭锅 SC-FCM58)

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Curry fish head is a popular dish that can be shared amongst family and friends. You can make this sumptuous dish using *Song-Cho Rice Cooker too! Not too difficult and taste good too!

Serves 4-6


  • Fish head ½ (usually red snapper – “Ang Go Li” or you can tell the fish monger it is for curry fish head)
  • Lemongrass 1 pc (cut into sections)
  • Chili 1 pc (slice it)
  • Lady’s finger 5 pcs (cut into 2-3 sections)
  • Brinjal 1 big pc or 2 small pcs (cut into chunks)
  • Tomato 2 pcs (cut into chunks)
  • Curry paste 230g (1 ready-packet from supermarket)
  • Tamarind water 60ml (mix 50g assam paste with water)
  • Coconut cream 50ml
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Water 125ml



  1.  Add sugar, tamarind water and coconut milk into the curry paste, mix well and set aside.
  2.  Next, place the fish head into the rice cooker inner pot, add brinjal, lemongrass, lady’s fingers, tomatoes and finally pour in the curry mixture and water.
  3.  Close the lid and press MENU button to SOUP function, press START. Cooking time is an hour.
  4.  When the SOUP program completes, the curry fish head is ready. Plate it and enjoy.

*Several models with SOUP function are available for selection.



4 – 6人份


  • 鱼头 半个 (红鲷鱼, 俗称 ”Ang Go Li”, 只要向鱼贩说是煮咖喱鱼头便可)
  • 香茅1根 (切段)
  • 辣椒1条 (切丝)
  • 秋葵5个 (切段)
  • 茄子1个大或2个小的 (切块)
  • 蕃茄 2粒 (切块)
  • 咖喱酱料 230克 (可在超市购得, 一包左右)
  • 罗望子水/亚叁水 60毫升 (用50克罗望子加水混合即可)
  • 椰浆 50克
  • 糖 1汤匙
  • 清水125毫升



  1.  把糖, 亚叁水, 椰浆加入咖喱酱料内, 拌匀备用
  2.  接下来把鱼头放入电饭锅内, 加入茄子, 香茅, 秋葵, 蕃茄最后倒入咖喱混合酱料和清水
  3.  盖上锅盖, 按MENU 键至SOUP功能, 然后按START键启动程序, 需1小时
  4.  程序完成后, 咖喱鱼头就完成了, 盛起即可享用



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