Coconut Rice – Nasi Lemak (椰浆饭) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FCM58 (松厨电饭锅 SC-FCM58)

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Try making a simple coconut rice with Song-Cho Rice Cooker to go with your favourite side dishes.

Serves 6-8


  • Rice 4 cups
  • Coconut milk 250ml (may get ready packet from supermarket)
  • Pandan leaves 2 bunches
  • Salt 1tsp
  • Water 250ml



1) Add rice into the stainless steel inner pot followed by coconut milk, water and salt, give it a good stir to ensure all ingredients are well mixed. Lastly, add the pandan leaves.

2) Close the lid, press MENU till COOK (1st function), press START; it will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour (let it simmer for an extra 15 minutes when it is done, do not attempt to stir the rice during this time).

3) When it is done, remove the pandan leaves and give the rice a good stir before serving.





  • 白米 4杯
  • 椰浆 250毫升 (可在超市购得现成包装版)
  • 班兰叶2把
  • 盐1茶匙
  • 清水250毫升



1) 将米倒入不锈钢内锅, 接下来加入椰浆, 清水和盐, 搅拌均匀, 最后加入班兰叶

2) 关盖, 按MENU键至COOK功能 (第一个功能), 按START键; 需约45分钟到1小时 (程序完成后让它继续焖15分钟, 不要试图翻搅)

3) 完成后, 把班兰叶取出在把饭翻搅一番即可盛入碗中享用


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