CHEF DEMO 厨师有约: Pork Knuckle w/ Abalone (横财就手包你发 / 元蹄鲍鱼发菜) – Magic Quick Cook (松厨魔法气压锅) & Ideal Wok (IDEAL平底万用锅)

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Let Chef NIUN HOCK LEONG demonstrates a yummy Pork Knuckle dish with Abalone using SONG-CHO Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker and IDEAL Wok.


Serves 4-6


  • Pork knuckle 1 pc
  • Abalone 1 can (8-10 pcs)
  • Black moss 5g (soaked in hot water till soft)
  • Rock sugar 70g
  • Ginger slice 50g
  • Spring onion 20g
  • Water 2 litre
  • Bok choy 150g (blanched)
  • Dried wolfberries 5g (soak in water)
  • Tapioca flour a little (for thicken the sauce)

Ingredients (spice bag)

  • Star anise 2 pcs
  • Cinnamon 2 pcs
  • Tsaoko 2 pcs
  • Licorice 2 pcs
  • Bay leaves 2 pcs
  • Red rice 1 tbsp


  • Chinese cooking wine 2 tbsp
  • Oyster sauce 2 tbsp
  • Dark soy sauce 30ml
  • Light soy sauce 30ml
  • Chicken powder 1 tbsp
  • Salt ½ tsp



1) Blanched the pork knuckle for 10 minutes, drain and remove any hair.

2) Put the spices into a pouch, leave it inside the Magic Quick Cook.

3) Add oil into the IDEAL wok (before it gets heated up), add ginger, spring onion, rock sugar, pork knuckle and fry for a while. Add seasoning and water, mix well and let it boil.

4) Transfer the entire ingredients into the Magic Quick Cook and cook for 15 minutes (countdown 15 minutes when the balancing weight starts to rock).

5) When the pink indicator drops, open the lid, take out the pork knuckle and plate it.

6) Scoop some gravy from the pot into the IDEAL wok, add abalone and tapioca flour water to the wok to thicken the gravy. Plate the abalone and drizzle the gravy over the pork knuckle and abalone.

Click HERE to view how to operate the Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker.





  • 猪前蹄 1个
  • 鲍鱼 1罐 (8-10头)
  • 发菜 5克 (浸泡热水至软)
  • 冰糖 70克
  • 姜片 50克
  • 青葱 20克
  • 清水 2公升
  • 小白菜 150克 (川烫)
  • 枸𣏌子 5克 (浸泡水)
  • 茨粉 适量 (勾芡用)


  • 八角 2个
  • 桂皮 2个
  • 草果 2粒
  • 甘草 2片
  • 月桂叶 2片
  • 红谷米 1汤匙


  • 花彫酒 2汤匙
  • 蚝油 2汤匙
  • 老抽 30毫升
  • 生抽 30毫升
  • 鸡精粉 1汤匙
  • 盐 半茶匙



1) 猪蹄放入热水烫10分钟、沥干水分去杂毛。

2) 把所有香料倒入一个布袋内放入魔法气压锅待用。

3) 冷锅下油, 加入姜, 青葱, 冰糖, 猪蹄炒香, 加入调味料和清水煮滚。

4) 将全部炒好的材料倒入魔法气压锅煮15分钟 (配重头开始摇摆后计时15分钟)。

5) 气压锅指示阀下降后, 开盖取出猪蹄摆盘。

6) 将一些锅中汤汁取出倒入Ideal万用锅中, 放入鲍鱼, 茨粉勾芡然后翻炒片刻即可上碟摆设, 再将酱汁淋在猪蹄和鲍鱼上就完成了。



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