Eight Treasure Porridge (八宝粥) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FCM58 (松厨电饭锅 SC-FCM58)

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You can do more than just cook rice with Song-Cho Rice Cooker. Prepare a nutritious and yummy 8 Treasure Porridge using the SOUP function, great for the entire family.

Serves 4-6


  • Glutinous rice 80g
  • Black glutinous rice 80g
  • Brown rice 80g
  • Adzuki beans 80g
  • Black beans 80g
  • Lotus seeds 80g
  • Dried longgan 80g
  • Red dates 17 pcs
  • Rock sugar 50g
  • Water approx 1L (fill up to 1.2L mark of the inner pot)



1) Add all (washed) ingredients into the stainless steel inner pot (except rock sugar to be added later).

2) Place the inner pot into the rice cooker, close the lid, press MENU till SOUP, press START; it will take an hour.

3) When it is done, add rock sugar if desired, stir well and it is ready!

*Several models with SOUP function are available for selection.


松厨电饭锅不止可以煮饭,还可以准备营养可口的甜品, 八宝粥, 适合全家享用。



  • 白糯米 80克
  • 黑糯米 80克
  • 糙米 80克
  • 赤豆 80克
  • 黑豆 80克
  • 莲子 80克
  • 龙眼干 80克
  • 红枣 17粒
  • 冰糖 50克 (随个人喜好)
  • 清水 约1公升 (加至内锅1.2公升水位线)



1) 将所有材料倒入不锈钢内锅 (冰糖煮好后才加入)。

2) 把内锅装入电饭锅里, 关盖, 按MENU 键至SOUP 功能, 按 START 键; 需1小时

3) 程序完成后, 如果嗜甜可加入冰糖拌匀即可享用。



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