Chicken Curry Puff (鸡肉咖喱角) – Song-Cho Ideal Wok (IDEAL平底万用锅) & Buffalo Brand Air Fryer (松厨牛头牌气炸锅)

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Try making yummy curry puff yourself using SONG-CHO Ideal Wok and Air Fryer! Really simple and not greasy!


  • Chicken breast meat 1 pc (350g, cut into small pcs)
  • Potato 3 pcs (300g, dice into small pcs)
  • Japanese curry cubes 2 pcs (ready-made)
  • Prata skin 1 packet (ready-made)
  • Oil 2 tbsp



1) Add 2 tbsp oil into IDEAL wok (before the wok gets heated up), add potato & stir-fry till it is turning slightly translucent.

2) Add chicken, stir-fry till almost cooked. Add curry cubes, stir-fry and add about 2 tbsp of water if it is too dry.  Stir-fry till the ingredients are well-mixed. Scoop up when done, set aside and let it cool.

3) Take one prata skin, add 1.5 to 2 tbsp of fillings. Fold the skin into half, seal the edge by pressing it together. Pinch a bit of the edge and fold in to make a wavy pattern. The patterned edge will ensure the puff will not open easily. Repeat.

4) Place the trivet into the air fryer, place the curry puffs onto the trivet. Close the lid. Press “POWER” to start, press BAKE and use the default roast program (default 180 degrees @ 20 minutes).

5) After 10 to 12 minutes, open the air fryer and turn the curry puff over. Close the lid and let it continue to bake till the program ends.

6) Remove the curry puffs from the air fryer and enjoy when it cools.




  • 鸡胸肉 1片 (约350克, 切小块 )
  • 马铃薯 3个 (约300克, 切丁)
  • 日式咖喱块 2块 (现成)
  • 印度煎饼皮 1包 (现成)
  • 油 2汤匙



1) 冷锅下油, 放入马铃薯丁翻炒至稍透明

2) 加入鸡块翻炒至七到八分熟, 加入咖喱块, 如果太干可加入2汤匙清水, 翻炒均匀便可起锅待冷备用

3) 用一张印度煎饼皮把1.5至2汤匙煮好的馅料放入皮中央, 对折捏紧边缘, 然后捏一点边缘往下折做成滚花状, 这样可避免面皮崩开

4) 把高脚架放入气炸锅内, 再把咖喱角放在高脚架上. 关上锅盖。按 “电源”, 按 “烘培”功能, 直接用默认程序 (默认温度180度, 时间20分钟)

5) 10到12分钟后,打开盖把咖喱角翻面,关上盖继续把程序完成

6) 把咖喱角取出,待冷却后便可享用咯!


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