Chicken Floss (鸡肉松) – Song-Cho Bread Maker (松厨面包机)

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That is right! Not just bread, but you can make chicken floss at home using SONG-CHO BREAD MAKER! Great as a side dish for porridge and snack. 😋


  • *Chicken Breast Meat 300g
  • Char Siew Sauce 2 tbsp (ready-made)

*You can use lean pork or fish (remove bones) too.



1) Marinate the chicken breast meat with char siew sauce, set aside.

2) Place the mixing blade in the bread barrel.

3) Put the marinated chicken into the barrel.

4) Place the bread barrel into the Bread Maker and fix it by turning it at a clockwise direction (ensure it is properly fixed).

5) Close the cover and on the power.

6) Press MENU till number 13 JAM, press START and the Bread Maker will start operating automatically (1 hour 20 mins to completion).

7) When the program is completed, the Bread Maker will have a beep~ sound. If the floss is not as dry and toasted as desired, press MENU till number 17 BAKE, press START and let it bake for an extra 15 minutes. The floss is ready! Simple, isn’t it? 😉

Cleaning the BREAD MAKER
Just need to wash the bread barrel and mixing blade with mild detergent and non-abrasive sponge. For the Bread Maker itself, use a damp cloth to wipe the interior and exterior of the machine and leave it to dry. All cleaning/washing should be done only when the Bread Maker has cool down.




  • *鸡胸肉 300克
  • 叉烧酱 2汤匙 (现成包装)

*可用猪胸肉或鱼肉 (需去骨)



1) 用叉烧酱将鸡胸肉腌制, 备用。

2) 将面包桶内的叶片安装好。

3) 把腌好的鸡胸放入面包机内。

4) 将面包桶顺时钟安装在面包机内 (注:确认桶要装好) 。

5)  盖上机盖,插上电源。

6) 按MENU13号键JAM, 然后按START, 面包机开始操作 (需1小时20分钟)。

7) 程序完成后, 面包机会再度发出哔哔声。

8) 如果肉松不如预期的干或烘烤程度, 可按MENUBAKE键, 按START再启动15分钟即可。是不是很简单? ✌️



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