CHEF DEMO 厨师有约: Coconut Koi-Shaped Nian Gao (年年有余迎双喜/椰汁鯉魚年糕) – Magic Quick Cook (松厨魔法气压锅)

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Chef KAM CHEE LAI prepares a lovely and auspicious Coconut Nian Gao using SONG-CHO Magic Quick Cook.


For 1 pair of koi-shaped nian gao.

Ingredient (A):

  • Sugar 162g
  • Water 82g

Ingredient (B):

  • Glutinous Rice Flour 150g
  • Wheat Flour 25g
  • Corn Starch 25g
  • Coconut Milk 112g
  • Oil 18g


  • Koi-shaped mold 1 pair



1) Cook ingredient A in a sauce pan till sugar melted and set aside.

2) Brush oil around the koi-shaped mold and set aside.

3) Mix ingredient B in a bowl, form into a dough and set aside.

4) Set aside 50g of dough for colouring purpose.

5) Mix ingredient A and B together into a smooth sticky mixture and set aside.

6) Pinch small amount of dough that was set aside earlier and knead in some yellow/orange colouring, place bits of the coloured dough onto the mold to form the koi patterns.

7) Pour the sticky mixture into the mold and steam it for 10 minutes in the Magic Quick Cook (10 minutes when the balancing weight starts to rock), remove and let it cook when it is done. (Steaming time required using standard cookware, medium heat is 1 hour 30 minutes)

8) Remove the nian gao from the mold, garnish it and it is ready!

Click HERE to view how to operate the Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker.



份量 (鯉魚年糕一对)


  • 白糖 162克
  • 清水 87克


  • 糯米粉 150克
  • 澄面粉 25克
  • 粟米粉 25克
  • 椰汁 112克
  • 清油 18克


  • 鯉魚模具 1对



1) 先将材料A一起煮成糖水备用。

2) 将鯉魚的模具抺上一层油备用。

3) 将材料B一起混合均匀成面团备用。

4) 将完成的材料B面团取出50克调色素备用。

5) 在将完成的材料A与材料B一起混合均匀成糊状备用。

6) 将调好色素的面团随意放入鯉魚模具中成为魚的花纹。

7) 在将糊状倒入鯉魚模具中, 放入魔法气压锅中蒸10分钟 (当配重头摇摆计时10分钟), 后取出待冷。(如用一般锅子则用中火蒸1小时30分钟)

8) 把鯉魚年糕慢慢从模具取出摆放盘中加以点缀就完成了!



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