Home-Made Yoghurt (自制酸奶) – Song-Cho Claypot Rice Cooker (松厨土锅电饭锅)

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Enjoy yoghurt? Try making your own using SONG-CHO rice cooker, simple and no-fuss!

Serves 3 to 4


  • Full Cream Milk 1 litre (room temperature)
  • Yoghurt Culture 1 sachet (can buy from organic shop)



  1. Pour the milk into the *Claypot rice cooker.
  2. Close lid & turn on power. Press MENU till YOGHURT, press START (takes about 8 hours; 6 hours if you prefer your yoghurt to be less curdy).
  3. After 15 minutes, open the lid, add yoghurt culture into the milk, stir well, close the lid and let the program continue to run.
  4. When the program is completed, open lid, scoop it into a serving bowl. Add nuts, dried fruits and/or honey if preferred.
  5. For storage, keep the yoghurt in an air-tight glass container inside the fridge (even more yummy when eaten cold).

*Several models with YOGHURT function are available for selection.


喜欢酸奶? 试试利用松厨土锅电饭锅自制酸奶,简单不费力!



  • 全脂牛奶  1公升 (室内温度)
  • 酸奶发酵剂  1小包 (可在有机店内购得)



  1. 把牛奶倒入*土锅电饭锅内
  2. 盖上锅盖, 打开电源。按MENUYOGHURT, 按START (默认时间8小时, 6小时如果不喜欢太固体)
  3. 15分钟后, 打开锅盖加入酸奶发酵剂, 稍微搅拌, 盖上锅盖, 让制作程序继续
  4. 当程序完成后, 开盖勺起即可享用; 可随个人喜好加入坚果, 干果, 蜂蜜等
  5. 可放入密封玻璃容器在放入冰箱存储起来 (冷臧后更为可口哦!)



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