Keropok (炸虾饼/鱼饼) – Song-Cho Buffalo Brand Air Fryer (松厨牛头牌气炸锅)

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Love keropok like I do but find them too oily? Try frying the keropok using Buffalo Brand Air Fryer! Simple and non-greasy.



  • Keropok (assorted)



  1. Sun keropok under the sun for better crisp.
  2. Place a handful of keropok in the air fryer (not too many).
  3. Close the lid. Press “POWER” to start, press “STIR FRY”, press “– TIME” till 3 (minutes). The default temperature is 210 degrees.
  4. After 2 minutes, open the lid and turn the keropok over, close the lid and let it complete the remaining program.
  5. Open the lid and remove from the air fryer when it is done. Enjoy when the keropok when it cools down.

*If the keropok is the thin type, you may adjust the time to 2 minutes and flip it over after 1 minute.


喜爱炸虾饼可又觉得太油腻? 不妨用松厨牛头牌气炸锅炸虾饼, 简单又不油腻。


  • 虾饼


  1. 把虾饼或鱼饼在太阳下暴晒一阵(饼会更脆)。
  2. 把虾饼或鱼饼放入气炸锅内。
  3. 关上锅盖。按 “电源”, 按“”功能, 按“-时间”至3(分钟) 。默认温度是210度
  4. 2分钟后, 把虾饼或鱼饼翻面。关上锅盖, 让它继续把程序完成。
  5. 程序完成后, 开盖把虾饼或鱼饼取出, 待冷却后便可享用。




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