CHEF DEMO 厨师有约: Golden Prawn (黄金虾球) – Song-Cho Ideal Wok (松厨IDEAL平底万用锅)

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Chef Niun Hock Leong demonstrates a creamy prawn dish using Song-Cho Ideal Wok. To be eaten with water melon?! 😉


 Serves 4


  • Prawn 8 pcs
  • Pumpkin 300g
  • Curry Leaves 15 pcs
  • Chili Padi 5 pcs
  • Water Melon (cut into 8 bite-size chunks about the size of the prawns)

Marinate for Prawns:

  • Salt a little to taste
  • Sugar a little to taste
  • Chicken Power a little to taste
  • Egg ¼ (beaten)
  • Corn Starch Flour a little


  • Evaporated Milk 1 can
  • Sugar 30g
  • Salt 5g
  • Butter 200g
  • Pumpkin Pulp Sauce 200g



1) Marinate the prawns with the marinate stated, set aside.

2) Add oil into Ideal Wok before heating it up. Coat the marinated prawns with flour and fried them till golden when the oil is hot. Remove and set aside.

3) In a clean wok, add butter, curry leaves and chili padi, fry till fragrant. Remove the curry leaves and chili padi. Add carnation milk, pumpkin pulp sauce, sugar, salt and bring it to a boil. Add the fried prawns into the mixture, stir well till the mixture reduces and it is ready.

4) Scoop up the prawns and place them on the cut water melon, ready to serve.


梁福隆师傅利用松厨IDEAL平底万用锅示范如何烹煮一道可口的黄金虾球, 附有西瓜哦!  😉



  • 虾 8只
  • 金瓜 300克
  • 咖喱叶 15片
  • 指天椒 5条
  • 西瓜 适量 (切成8小块, 如虾大小)


  • 盐 少许
  • 糖 少许
  • 鸡精粉 少许
  • 蛋 (打碎) 1/4
  • 太白粉 少许


  • 淡奶 1罐
  • 糖 30克
  • 盐 5克
  • 牛油 200克
  • 金瓜酱 200克



1) 将虾用虾调料调味, 备用

2) 冷锅放油, 待油热, 将上粉的虾球入油锅炸至金黄色取出

3) 冷锅放入牛油,咖喱叶,指天椒爆香后把咖喱叶和指天椒取出,加入淡奶,金瓜酱,糖和盐烧开。放入炸好的虾球,收汁起锅即可

4) 把虾球捞起摆放在西瓜上就完成了


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