Omelette Glutinous Rice (蛋包糯米饭) – Song-Cho Ideal Wok (松厨Ideal平底炒菜锅)

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Omelette rice is a popular common dish. This recipe uses glutinous rice instead to make this ever popular item. 🙂


Serves 3 to 4


  • Eggs 6 pcs (add fish sauce and pepper to taste)
  • Glutinous rice 2 cups (soaked for 30 minutes)
  • Chinese mushroom 6 pcs (soaked in water till soft, drain & slice)
  • Dried shrimp 50g
  • Oyster sauce 2tbsp
  • Water 2 cups
  • Salt to taste
  • Sesame oil 3tbsp
  • Shallots, green onions & chili for garnish


Steps (Glutinous Rice):

  1.  Pour oil into wok before heating up the wok.
  2.  In high heat, stir-fry dried shrimp and mushrooms till fragrant.
  3.  Add glutinous rice and oyster sauce, mix well.
  4.  Add water, mix well.
  5.  Cover the wok and turn to low heat.
  6.  Let it simmer for around 6 minutes till the liquid dries.
  7.  Off the heat and let it simmer for another 2 minutes, scoop up and set aside.

Steps (Omelette):

  1.  Pour oil into wok before heating up the wok.
  2.  Add 1tbsp oil
  3.  When the oil gets hot (lines appearing), pour about 1/3 of egg mixture into the wok and let it fried till 70% cooked.
  4.  Place about 1½ tbsp of glutinous rice mixture onto the omelette, fold the sides and make it into a parcel and carefully turn over till it is cooked thoroughly. (Repeat will ingredients have been used up)
  5.  Slice the omelette and garnish with shallots, green onion and chili before serving.




利用松厨30cm IDEAL Wok 烹煮蛋包糯米饭。



  • 鸡蛋 6粒 (加入少许的鱼露和胡椒粉调味)
  • 糯米 2杯 (浸泡30分钟)
  • 香菇 6朵 (用水浸泡至软, 沥干切片)
  • 虾米 50克
  • 蚝油 2汤匙
  • 清水 2杯 (米杯)
  • 盐 少许
  • 麻油 3汤匙
  • 葱头, 青葱, 辣椒丝各少许 (点缀用)


  1.  冷锅下油 (用于不锈钢锅)
  2.  开大火将虾米和香菇爆香
  3.  加入糯米和蚝油一起翻炒均匀
  4.  接下来加入水略微翻炒一下
  5.  盖上锅盖,回小火让它焖煮约6分钟至水收干
  6.  熄火让它再焖约2分钟即可盛盘备用


  1.  冷锅下油 (用于不锈钢锅)
  2.  加入1汤匙的食用油
  3.  待油热时 (油出现纹路), 把约1/3的蛋液倒进锅里煎至7分熟
  4.  在蛋皮中央上铺上1半汤匙炒好的糯米饭, 四边迭起, 小心翻面至鸡蛋全熟 (重复直到材料用尽)
  5.  将蛋包糯米饭切片盛入盘中, 撒上葱头, 青葱, 辣椒丝即可享用



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