NONYA DELIGHT 娘惹新煮意: Nonya Chap Chye (娘惹杂菜) – Magic Quick Cook (松厨魔法气压锅)

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Let instructor Helen Lim demonstrates how easy it is to make Nonya Chap Chye using SONG-CHO Magic Quick Cook. Yummy! 🙂


Serves 4


  • Dried Shiitake Mushrooms    50g
  • Tau Kee (cut roughly)    25g
  • Sweet Beancurd Stick (cut into thick strips)    50g
  • Shallots (pounded finely)    75g
  • Garlic (pounded finely)    15g
  • Dried Shrimps (soaked and pounded roughly)    50g
  • Bean Paste (pounded roughly)    25g
  • Cabbage (cut into big pieces)    425g
  • Carrot   (cut into big pieces)   100g
  • Dried Black Fungus (soaked)    50g
  • Dried Lily Buds  (soaked, drained and tied into little knots) 35g
  • Glass Noodles (soaked and drained)    25g
  • Prawn    8 to 10 pcs
  • Water    100ml
  • Oyster Sauce    1 tbsp
  • Oil    For frying
  • Corn flour (mix with water)    1 to 2 tbsp



  1. Wash the dried mushrooms and soak the dried mushrooms in a bowl of warm water. Cut the mushrooms into strips and leave them soaked. Set aside.
  2. Heat the oil in a wok and deep dry the tau kee until brown and crispy. Thereafter, deep fry the sweet beancurd skin until brown and crispy. Drain on paper towels and set aside.
  3. Add some oil into Magic Quick Cook before the pot gets heated up. Turn on medium heat, add shallots, garlic and dried shrimps and fry until fragrant.
  4. Thereafter, add the bean paste and fry for about 30 seconds.
  5. Next, add the cabbage, carrot, black fungus, lily buds, mushroom (together with the water that is used to soaked the mushroom), sweet beancurd stick, tau kee, glass noodles, oyster sauce and water, mix well.
  6. Cover and lock the lid and cook for 1 minute (start timing when the balancing weight starts to rock).
  7. Open the lid when the pressure indicator is down, add prawns and cover with glass cover and let it simmer for a while, add the corn flour water to thicken the gravy.
  8. When the prawns are cooked, the chap chye is ready.

Click HERE to view how to operate the Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker (w/ video).


让林海伦老师示范如何利用松厨魔法气压锅烹煮这道人气美食,娘惹杂菜。 🙂



  • 香菇  50克
  • 腐竹 (略微切块)  25克
  • 甜腐竹  (切粗条状)  50克
  • 小葱头 (捣碎)  75克
  • 蒜蓉  15克
  • 虾米 (浸泡沥干后捣碎)  50克
  • 豆瓣酱 (略捣)  25克
  • 高丽菜 (切大块)  425克
  • 萝卜 (切厚片)  100克
  • 黑木耳 (浸泡沥干)  50克
  • 金针菇 (浸泡沥干后打成结)  35克
  • 冬粉 (浸泡沥干)  25克
  • 虾   8-10只
  • 清水  100毫升
  • 蚝油  1 汤匙
  • 油  备来炸食材
  • 太白粉 (加水勾芡)  1-2 汤匙


  1. 把香菇洗净用温水浸泡, 然后切成条状继续让它浸泡水中备用
  2. 另外把腐竹和甜腐竹各别把它们炸成金黄色, 利用纸巾沥干油备用
  3. 用魔法气压锅, 冷锅下油,开中火加入小葱头,蒜蓉和虾米爆香
  4. 然后加入豆瓣酱略炒30秒
  5. 接下来把高丽菜, 萝卜, 黑木耳, 金针菇, 香菇(连同水一并倒入), 腐竹, 甜腐竹, 冬粉, 蚝油和清水加入锅内拌匀
  6. 盖/锁上气压锅盖,1分钟(配重头开始摇摆才计时)
  7. 指示阀降下后才开盖,加入虾和太白粉水搅匀盖上玻璃盖
  8. 煮一会儿直到虾子熟了即可上碟




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