SONG-COOKING 轻松厨房: Pan-Fry Pomfret (煎鲳鱼) – Ideal Wok (松厨Ideal万用锅)

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Pan frying fish without destroying the skin can be a challenge. See simple steps on how to pan-fry fish to golden brown without having to “undressed” the skin using Song-Cho 30cm Ideal Wok. 🙂  Ok…my photo is not perfect, still a bit “exposed”.


 Serves 3 to 4


  • Pomfret 300g (add lemon juice while washing to clear the fishy smell)
  • Cooking oil 2tbsp



1. Use paper towel to tap dry the pomfret.

2. Add 2 tbsp of oil into the wok before it gets heated up; use medium/high heat to heat up the wok for one minute.

3. Once the oil appears “wavy”, it means the wok is hot enough.

4. Put the pomfret into the wok, cover the wok with wok cover and leave it to fry for 5 minutes.

5. Remove the wok cover and carefully turn the fish over, pan-fry it for 3 minutes without cover. It is ready to be served.


煎鱼而不脱皮有时是个挑战。看看如何利用利用松厨Ideal30cm万用锅把鱼煎至金黄色而又不脱皮。 🙂 Ok…. 图片造型不是很完美,有些许 “曝露”。



  • 白鲳鱼 300克 (清洗时,加一些柠檬汁可清除腥味)
  • 油 2 汤匙



1. 用纸巾把鱼弄干

2. 冷锅下油将IDEAL万用锅以中大火加热约1分钟,形成物理性不沾效果

3. 放入鱼身,火力回小,加盖子煎5分钟

4. 5分钟后,打开锅盖,将鱼翻面

5. 不加盖再煎约3分钟,取出摆盘即可


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