SONG-COOKING 轻松厨房: ABC Soup + Soy Milk Steam Egg + Black Bean Steam Ribs (ABC汤 + 豆浆蒸蛋 + 豆豉软骨) – Stack Cooking (松厨叠式煮锅)

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SONG-CHO’s Multiply Stainless Steel Stack Cooking is convenient and fun! You can prepare a complete 2 dishes + 1 soup on the same stove at the same time. See our suggested menu.  🙂


Serves 4


(a) ABC Soup

  • Pork ribs 200g (blanched)
  • Tomato 2pcs (cut into chunks)
  • Potato 4pcs (cut into chunks)
  • Carrot 2pcs (cut into chunks)
  • Onion 1pc (sliced)
  • Salt to taste
  • Water 3litre

(b) Soy Milk Steam Egg

  • Soy milk 500ml
  • Egg white 6pcs
  • Egg yolk 3pcs
  • Salt to taste

(c) Black Bean Steam Ribs

  • Pork ribs 100g
  • Black (fermented) beans 2tbsp
  • Ginger 2tbsp (chopped into bits)
  • Garlic 2tbsp (chopped into bits)
  • Salt to taste



  1. Bottom layer: ABC Soup – pour in all of ABC soup ingredients into the big pot. Add water and boil for an hour.
  2. Middle layer: Black Bean Steam Ribs – marinate the ribs with the ingredients; use the steamer (and a plate), place the marinated ribs in it and cover with lid. Steam for 20 minutes.
  3. Top layer: Soy Milk Steam Egg – whisk the eggs together, pour soy milk into the egg mixture, add seasoning. Place the egg steamer onto the middle layer and pour the egg mixture into the steam cups provided and cover with lid. Lower the heat and cook for 10 minutes.

A complete meal with one soup and two dishes, at one go! 🙂





材料A) ABC

  • 肉骨 200克
  • 番茄 2 粒 (切块)
  • 马铃薯4粒 (切块)
  • 红萝卜2个 (切块)
  • 洋葱1粒 (切片)
  • 盐少许
  • 清水3公升

材料B) 豆浆蒸蛋

  • 豆浆500毫升
  • 蛋白6粒
  • 蛋黄 3粒
  • 盐少许

材料C) 豆鼓软骨

  • 软骨100克
  • 黑豆鼓2汤匙
  • 姜蓉2汤匙
  • 蒜蓉2汤匙
  • 盐少许




  1. 底部: ABC汤 – 把ABC汤所有材料倒入汤锅内, 煮1小时。
  2. 中部: 豆鼓软骨 – 把软骨用调味料腌制; 利用蒸笼加上盘子把腌好的软骨放入盘中, 盖上锅盖, 蒸20分钟。
  3. 顶部: 豆浆蒸蛋 – 把蛋白蛋黄打匀, 加入豆浆和盐。把附加的蒸蛋摆在顶部, 把蛋液倒入蒸碗内, 盖上锅盖蒸10分钟即可。

2菜1汤的全餐轻松完成! 🙂


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