Marble Butter Cake (云石奶油蛋糕) – Song-Cho Rice Cooker SC-FCM58 (松厨电饭锅)

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You need not own an oven to make cakes. With this cake recipe, we can make delicious Marble Butter Cake using SONG-CHO Rice Cooker! 🙂

Serves 4 (or one if you love cakes)


  • Shelf-raising flour 125g
  • Butter 150g
  • Sugar 125g
  • Egg 5pcs (separate the yolks from the whites)
  • Cocoa powder 50g (add water & mix it into a sticky semi-liquid consistency)


Step (mixture A):

1) In a bowl, add butter, half amount sugar, egg yolks and whisk till well mixed and creamy (light yellow).

2) Add flour and mix well in one direction.

Step (mixture B):

1) In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white until fluffy; add remaining half of the sugar and whisk till fluffy.

2) Add half of mixture (B) into mixture (A) and fold in one direction till the white foam disappears. Repeat for the remaining half of mixture (B).

3) Add in premixed cocoa liquid into the mixture; with a scraper to form uneven pattern on the surface (or you can do this later after pouring the mixture into the cooking pot).

Step (cooking):

1) Preheat the rice cooker using any function, we choose “Fast Cook” for this case. Let it heat for 3 to 4 minutes.

2) Add small quantity of butter into the pot and brush it all around.

3) Pour the cake mixture.

4) Press MENU till CAKE, press START. It takes an hour to bake the cake.

5) When it is done, press CANCEL to off the cooking program.

6) Remove the cake from the pot (careful it is hot!), cut when it cools down and enjoy! 🙂


想做蛋糕无需烤箱。 这篇蛋糕食谱能让你利用松厨电饭锅制作出美味的云石奶油蛋糕! 🙂

4人份 (爱吃蛋糕的可一个人通杀)


  • 自发面粉 125克
  • 牛油 150克
  • 白糖 125克
  • 鸡蛋 5粒 (将蛋黄与蛋清分开)
  • 可可粉 50克 (加水搅拌成泥状)

准备材料 (A):

1) 将牛油,白糖(一半),蛋黄倒入一个大碗,打至均匀淡黄色/乳白色

2) 加入面粉,顺同一个方向搅拌均匀

准备材料 (B):

1) 在另一个碗内,加入蛋清打至蓬松, 然后加入白糖(剩下的一半)打至蓬松

2) 将B(一半)加入A碗内,顺一个方向搅拌均匀。再加入剩下的一半B,顺一个方向搅拌均匀

3) 加入早前准备好的可可泥, 利用一把刮刀在表面上划出不规则的图案 (也可以在饭锅内进行)




1) 将内锅预热,可按FAST COOK键, 让它受热3至4分钟

2) 加入少量的牛油, 均匀涂抹

3) 把准备好的B倒入锅内

4) 按MENU键至 CAKE, 然后按START键启动程序, 需一个小时

5) 程序完成后,按CANCEL键结束

6) 把蛋糕从内锅倒入盘中,待冷却后切片就可享用 🙂



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