Simple Stewed Pork Belly (简版东坡肉) – Song-Cho Claypot Rice Cooker (松厨土锅电饭锅)

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SONG-CHO rice cooker can cook more than just rice. Tried this simple version pork belly recipe using the Song-Cho’s mini 0.6L Claypot Rice Cooker and it turned out pretty decent. A bit of belly fat is ok once in a while yah. 🙂

Song-Cho Claypot Rice CookerS

Serves 2 to 3


  • Pork belly 500g
  • Green onion 2 pieces (washed & cut into strips of about 5cm)
  • Ginger 7 thin slices
  • Garlic 2 pieces


  • Rice wine 300ml
  • Dark soy sauce 4tbsp
  • Light soy sauce 2tbsp
  • Small rock sugar 6 pieces



  1. Blanch the pork belly for a few minutes and rinse under running tap for a while. Put in a dry bowl and set aside.
  2. Place the ingredients (spread them) and seasoning into the claypot rice cooker.
  3. Ingredient sequence: green onions (base) >> ginger slices >> blanched pork belly >> rice wine >> garlic >> light soy sauce >> dark soy sauce >> rock sugar
  4. Close the lid, power on. Press MENU till SLOW STEW >> press HOUR till 1:00 (set cooking time) >> press START.
  5. After one hour, the pork belly is done. Remove and cut into thick chunks (or thin slices), pour the yummy sauce over them and tuck in! Goes very well with rice. 🙂


松厨电饭锅不止能煮饭。利用0.6公升松厨土锅电饭锅试了试这道简单版的东坡肉,挺可口的呢! 偶尔吃点五花肉OK的啦! 🙂



  • 五花肉500克
  • 青葱 2 根 (洗净,切约5公分长度)
  • 姜 7薄片
  • 蒜头 2颗


  • 米酒 300毫升
  • 黑酱油 4汤匙
  • 酱青 2汤匙
  • 小冰糖 6颗



  1. 把五花肉用滚水烫一会儿,取出然后用冷水稍微冲一冲,放一边备用。
  2. 把材料(散开)与调味料一一放入土锅电饭锅内。
  3. 材料次序: 青葱(垫底) >> 姜片 >> 烫好的五花肉 >> 米酒 >> 蒜头 >> 酱青 >> 黑酱油 >> 冰糖
  4. 盖上锅盖, 打开电源。按MENU至SLOW STEW >> 按HOUR至1:00 (设定烹煮时间) >> 按START
  5. 1小时后, 东坡肉已煮好。取出切块 (或切片), 将美味的酱汁淋在肉上就可大快朵颐! 超下饭的! 🙂

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