Triple Bean Soup (三色豆汤) – Song-Cho Soup Maker (松厨浓汤机)

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Make a refreshing and healthy soup with 3 types of beans using SONG-CHO SOUP MAKER.

Serves 2 to 3


  • Barley 50g
  • Peanut 60g
  • Black Bean 60g
  • Pork 150g (about 3 to 4 pieces; non-meat eaters can choose not to add)
  • Garlic (w/ skin) 4 cloves
  • Ginger 4 slices
  • Water (up till 1300ml to 1500ml mark)


  • Salt (to taste)
  • Chicken Powder ½ to 1tsp
  • Green onions (for garnish)



  1. Pour all ingredients into the SOUP MAKER.
  2. Pour in the seasoning.
  3. Fill with water till 1300ml to 1500ml mark
  4. Lower the Soup Maker’s lid, close it tightly and plug in power.
  5. Press MENU till STEW, press START.
  6. After 40 minutes, the SOUP MAKER will beep and it is ready.
  7. Switch off the power, open the lid and transfer the soup to a container.

Enjoy a comfy and healthy soup; great as supper. 🙂


  • Wash only when it cools down.
  • DO NOT immerse the Soup Maker in water. AVOID washing the bottom portion with water. Just focus on washing the inner jug clean (and the upper blade portion), you can wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.
  • If you want to use the Soup Maker continuously, give it a 30 minute break time before using it again.





  • 薏米 50克
  • 花生 60克
  • 黑豆 60克
  • 猪肉 150克 (3-4片;不喜肉者可不加)
  • 蒜头(带皮) 4瓣
  • 姜片 4片
  • 清水 适量


  • 盐 少许
  • 鸡精粉 1/2至1茶匙
  • 青葱 少许(点缀)


  1. 把所有材料放入浓汤机内
  2. 把调料加入
  3. 加水至1300毫升到1500毫升之间
  4. 把盖关紧,叉上电源
  5. 按MENU(功能)至STEW,按START(开始)
  6. 40分钟后,浓汤机会发出哔哔声表示程序完成
  7. 关掉电源,打开盖,把煮好的汤倒入碗内




  • 等浓汤机冷却后才清洗
  • 不可将浓汤机沉浸在水里或冲洗机身底部, 只需清洗桶内即可;外层只需用湿布抹干净
  • 如果想要继续使用浓汤机,让它休息30分钟才继续使用

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