Garlic Bean Paste Pork Ribs (家乡蒜蓉豆豉排骨) – Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker (松厨魔法气压锅)

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Do you like the bean paste pork rib serve during dim sum? It is one of our favourites. 🙂 Using SONG-CHO / Wonderchef superfast Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker, you will be able to get very similar texture and taste too! Just 5 minutes cooking time, isn’t that amazing? Let’s start! 🙂

Serves 4


  • Pork ribs 1kg
  • Bean paste 1tsp
  • Thai sweet chili sauce 130g (about half a bottle)
  • Garlic 250g (finely chopped)



  1. Add oil into Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker and pour in the chopped garlic, stir-fry till fragrant (but not brown).
  2. Add in bean paste, stir-fry till fragrant.
  3. Add in the pork ribs and stir-fry for a while.
  4. Add in Thai chili sauce, mix well and wait for the mixture to boil (high heat).
  5. Put on the cover. Close the lid in clockwise direction (align the arrow on the lid and handle), press the lid gently down (ensure it is closed properly); push the side button down (to lock it) and straighten the balancing weight.
  6. The side pressure indicator will rise when pressure starts to develop; when the balancing weight starts swaying, turn to small/medium heat. At this point (when the heat is turned down), cook for 5 minutes. (Normal: the balancing weight will sway and release steam throughout the cooking process)
  7. After 5 minutes, turn off the heat.
  8. Open the lid ONLY when the side pressure indicator drops (IMPT!). The pork rib is ready.  🙂

 *Click HERE for more information on how to operate the Magic Quick Cook pressure cooker.


喜爱点心式的豆豉排骨?可利用松厨魔法气压锅在短短5分钟烹煮出口味类似的排骨哦!神奇不?我们快开始! 🙂



  • 排骨 1公斤
  • 豆豉 1 茶匙
  • 泰式甜辣椒酱130克 (大约半瓶)
  • 蒜蓉 250克



  1. 将适量的油倒入欺压锅內,加入蒜蓉爆香。
  2. 加入豆豉,炒香。
  3. 加入排骨翻炒一下。
  4. 加入泰式甜辣椒酱,继续翻炒均匀。
  5. 顺时钟盖上锅盖(锅盖和手柄的箭头要对准),轻轻压下(确保盖好); 把开关钮往下推(锁住),将配重头固定位置 (弄直), 开大火。
  6. 指示阀会随着锅内聚积的气压而上升; 当配重头开始摇摆排气时, 关中小火, 此时开始煮5分钟(正常: 在烹煮过程中,气压锅会释放水蒸气,配重头也会不时地旋转并释放水蒸气)
  7. 5分钟后熄火。
  8. 等到指示阀下降后才开盖 (重要!) 。香喷喷排骨好了,请慢慢享用。:)



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