Soy Milk Steam Egg (豆浆蒸蛋) – Song-Cho Soup Maker (松厨浓汤机) & Function Wok (万用锅)

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Other than drinking soy milk directly, it can be made into silky steam egg. 🙂

Make use of Song-Cho Soup Maker to make soy milk and Buffalo Wok to steam egg.

Serves 6 to 8


  • Soy Milk 750ml
  • Egg Yolk 5 pieces
  • Egg White 9 pieces

(May reduce the portion by 1/3 for smaller portion which serves 4 to 6 – soy milk 500ml, egg yolk 3 pieces and egg white 6 pieces)


  • Salt 1tsp



  1. Use Song-Cho Soup Maker to make soy milk (refer to earlier post –
  2. Break and separate the egg yolk from the white and use the quantity indicated in the ingredients
  3. Beat the eggs and pour them into the soy milk using a sieve, add salt to taste
  4. Using a wok, place a trivet or a base in the wok; pour water and let it boil
  5. Place the egg mixture into the Function Wok and turn down the heat to small heat (IMPORTANT) or else the texture will be rough and have lots of bubbles ~ see my failed steam egg end of the article 😦
  6.  After 15 minutes (smaller portion about 10 minutes), it is ready
  7.  Remove from wok and enjoy






  • 豆浆 750毫升
  • 蛋黄 5粒
  • 蛋白 9粒

(可减少1/3量,供4-6人份上 —  豆浆 500毫升 ,蛋黄3粒,蛋白6粒)


  • 盐 1茶匙


  1.  利用松厨浓汤机制作豆浆(豆浆食谱 –
  2.  把蛋黄和蛋白分开,用材料所指定的量
  3.  把蛋打均匀,利用筛子把蛋倒入豆浆内,加入盐
  4.  利用牛头牌万用锅,放置一个脚架,加入水,开火待滚 把豆浆蛋放在脚架上,关小火(重要步骤), 要不然蒸蛋会呈现泡泡,表面粗糙,口感不佳 ~ 有图为证 😦
  5.  15分钟后(减量的大约10分钟)完成
  6.  把豆浆蒸蛋取出,享用



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