Soy Milk (豆浆) – Song-Cho Soup Maker (松厨浓汤机)

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First attempt to make soy milk at home using SONG-CHO Soup Maker. Even though it is indicated that either dry or soaked beans can be used, decided to use soaked beans.


Ingredients (serves 2-3):

  • Soaked soy beans – 2 to 2.5 cups (using the measuring cup provided)
  • Water (normal tap water, do not use hot water)
  • Sugar (optional – to be added only after the soy milk is done as the sugar deposited at the bottom may get burnt & caused the inner jug to turn yellowish)


  1. Removed the soup maker lid
  2. Pour the soaked beans into the soup maker
  3. Pour water till it reaches the 1300ml mark (indicated inside the soup maker)
  4. Closed the lid (make sure that it is closed properly; the top handle portion is aligned to the body handle)
  5. Plug in power
  6. Press MENU button till it reaches SOAKED BEAN
  7. Press START button
  8. There will be beep sound when it is ready (about 30 minutes)
  9. Unplug the power, open the lid, drain it (using the drainer provided) and pour it into the plastic jar provided
  10. Add sugar to taste, if desired – I prefer no sugar added for health purpose 🙂 (a friend of mine ate the pulp left from the bean)


  • Wash it only when it cools down.
  • DO NOT immerse the Soup Maker in water. AVOID washing the bottom portion with water. Just focus on washing the inner jug clean (and the upper blade portion), you can wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.
  • If you want to use the Soup Maker continuously, give it a 30 minute break time before using it again.

Simple as that. Will be trying more recipe using the soup maker, stay tune! 🙂

Recipes using Soy Milk



材料 (二至三人份):

  • 浸泡过的黄豆 – 2至2.5杯 (附赠的量杯)
  • 清水(勿用烧水)
  • 糖 (随各人喜好 – 制作完毕后才加入以防糖垫底导致烧焦; 桶底也可能因此而变黄)



  1. 打开浓汤机盖子
  2. 把黄豆加入桶内
  3. 加清水至桶上的水位刻度线1300ml
  4. 关上盖子(注:手柄部位一定要与桶身的手柄对齐)
  5. 插上电源
  6. MENU(功能), 选择SOAKED BEAN(湿豆)按钮 Soaked Beans
  7. START(开始)按钮
  8. 煮豆浆过程完成后(约三十分钟),浓汤机会发出哔哔声
  9. 关掉电插,打开盖子,利用滤网过滤豆浆并倒入塑胶容器
  10. 最后加糖即可 (无糖也好喝,也比较健康) 🙂


  • 等浓汤机冷却后才清洗
  • 不可将浓汤机沉浸在水里或冲洗机身底部, 只需清洗桶内即可;外层只需用湿布抹干净
  • 如果想要继续使用浓汤机,让它休息30分钟才继续使用

就是这么简单. 这部落格会添加更多食谱,请常常进来坐坐.  🙂



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